Custom Artwork

I create most of my artwork from digital photographs I have taken at local Washington Hot Rod Shows.

I take many photographs of cars that interest me and edit them later to see if any are candidates for starting the poster design process.

I sometimes try several design styles for any particular design project before I am satisfied with my efforts. Heck, sometimes I scrap them altogether.

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Posters and more for sale

These posters are available for printing through my Zazzle storefront in many sizes and options. Framing and mattes are also available. Click through to order yours and have it shipped directly to you! Click to see the full line of Digital Hotrod Merchandise

There are many T-Shirt designs available at the Zazzle Storefront, withJump to the store! more being added weekly. Check the Flash gallery below or jump directly to the store...


Latest Design:

Test Dummy shirt
Test Dummy by DigitalHotrod
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1950 Buick 8 Chevrolet Hood Ornament Lead Sled Shirt Deuce Shirt
Hot Rod Lincoln 1949 Chevy Coupe Fat Joes Speed Shop Hot Rod Junkie
Cruizin' Coupe Ford Dashboard Nitromethane! Knucklehead Shirt
Studebaker Pickup Rat Bastard In Rust We Trust Harley Bitch
Chevrolet Hood Ornament Check back!
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Truckster Shirt Check back!
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